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Supported "by la boss"

I have been funkelrot since 2009. This means funkelrot is, in essence, Barbara Windisch.

I think, plan, consult, write, organise, do. I also know who can do the things I cannot do myself. These are the people I maintain great working partnerships with for photography, design, programming and other specialties.

At this point, let us have a few thoughts about the right size of your agency:

Size counts
or: small enough to care

True greatness is the right size. funkelrot will be as big as you need it to be.

I N F L A T A B L E or bit by bit.

If a larger project requires more resources – voilà – the field-tested network is ready. Your advantage: your request will always be handled by the boss. I give a lot of my blood, brain, sweat, time and colour for each project (so you had better get along with me). This kind of work does not need ginormous fixed costs for representation and maintaining the system. A solid 15 years in communications and marketing following the appropriate degree do make you the wiser – as a result, you save yourself the chore of hiring several agencies specialising in individual marketing sub-disciplines.

Take a look at my Xing profile to find out more about me and why I am good at what I do: